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Light a candle and connect with the medicine of Flora Farm grown Tulsi in three different preparations. Tulsi, also known as holy basil, is revered as a gate keeper to higher consciousness and a rejuvenative tonic to our overall vitality.


As an adaptogenic tonic, Tulsi encourages resiliency by strengthening the body, calming the mind and grounding the spirit.


Tulsi protects & supports cognitive function & aids in calming a scattered mind. Through clarity & focus, we simplify & find what it is that is worth putting our energy into.


Tulsi has a vibrant and unique taste that is well suited for use with the entire family.


Tulsi Medicine Bundle

- Tulsi Loose Leaf Tea

-1 oz Tulsi Tincture

-.5 oz Tulsi Hydrosol

-Hand dipped, beeswax meditation tapers


    Mist the head, face or heart & breath in deeply to clarify the mind, fortify the respiratory system & satisfy the spirit. Tulsi is a powerful ally to use with breath work & meditation practices. The Tulsi hydrosol is a wonderful companion to travel with or spritz around your home and laundry energize & clear your space.

    We distill our hydrosols & essential oils in our copper alembic still. Hydrostillations purify and condense both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents of a plant into an easy to use and highly therapeutic form.

    -.5 oz Fresh Tulsi (Ocimum africanuum) hydrodistillation. 


    Tusli makes for a vibrant and delicious tincture. Tinctures are a nice preparation for its ease of use and can be taken in small doses over time or in acute situations when one is experiencing a frazzled mind and active nervous system. Try taking it in your tea or incorporating into a festive mocktail.

    -1 oz Fresh Tulsi (Ocimum africanuum) tinctured in vodka 1:2 40%


    Hand dipping candles is a slow process of repititition and inent- no two tapers are ever the same. Made of 100% local beeswax & cotton wick, these tapers burn slow and even to encourage festive evenings, enhance meditation practices and create slow and sensual spaces to partake in self care or share with another. 


    Hydrate, soothe and unwind with a tasty cup of Tulsi tea. Tulsi is our go-to loose leaf tea here at the farm though the winter, it's uplifting and relaxing qualities make it perfect to cozy up with for the short days and long nights. 


    We grow the temperate variety of Tulsi here at the farm (Ocimum africanuum) and we are so pleased with the harvest’s year in and year out. Though it requires a little more coddling than the rest of the plants we tend to, offering it's medicine in this unique bundle makes it all worthwhile.

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