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3 seasons of Sea Salt & Herbal Medicine.

The Annual CSA Share includes the summer, fall and winter share at a discounted price!


The Flora Farm CSA provides small batch herbal medicine preparations and foraged goods that address common health imbalances through the year while encouraging kinship with plants and nature.

With a total of 3 boxes, each season (summer, fall, winter), we’ll effectively integrate herbal medicine into our lives with simple practices and daily rituals. By the end of the CSA, your home will be brimming with easy to use, seasonally relevant herbal medicines that you will look forward to using all season long.


Summer CSA Share- 6/21/24


  • 4 oz of Salish Sea Salt
  • 2 oz of Cedar & Calendula Mineral Sunscreen
  • 2 oz of Wild Rose Hydrosol
  • Lemon Balm and Wild Rose Petals Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend
  • Rose Lotion Bar
  • 1 oz Milky Oats Tincture


The summer CSA share includes simple and effective preparations that focus on hydration, comprehensive sun and skin care protection and calming the nervous system through the dog days of summer. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and makes for a special and mineralizing ingredient that compliments the simple, light dishes of summer time.


Fall CSA Share 9/22/24


  • 4 oz Salish Sea Salt
  • Coriander Digestive Support Spice Blend
  • 2 oz Tulsi Hydrosol
  • Bee ball and Marshmallow l Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend
  • Elecampane Root
  • 1 oz Chamomile Massage Oil
  • Hand Dipped, 100% Beeswax Meditation Tapers


The fall CSA share includes simple and effective preparations that focus on fortifying the respiratory system, awakening digestion and clarifying cognition as we ease our way into the darker half of the year. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and greatly enhances the warm, cooked foods we begin to crave and cook up in the fall.


Winter CSA Share 12/21/24


  • 4 oz Salish Sea Salt
  • Echinacea and Calendula Immune Enhancing Broth Blend
  • 6" Hand Dipped, 100% beeswax tapers
  • 2 oz Evergreen Hydrosol
  • Calendula and hops Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Blend
  • Cold & Flu Herbal Bath Blend
  • 1 oz The Healer Salve


The winter CSA share includes simple preparations that continue to fortify the respiratory and digestion system, enhance the responsiveness of the immune system and encourage festive and slow evenings during the long nights of winter. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and brings an extra touch of inspiration and magic to our winter dishes.


Herbalism is as much of a healing modality as it is a practice. It attunes and fortifies the body and senses, integrates easily into our daily lives and encourages insightful relationships to plants and Land that facilitate healing in ways we could never imagine. The Flora Farm CSA provides insights and herbal medicine preparations that create meaningful opportunities to work with plants as medicine in an effective and seasonal context.


  • Seasonally Relevant Herbal Medicine

    Mineral sunscreens, digestive supporting spice blends, immune enhancing broths- each box contains seasonally relevant herbal medicines that address common imbalances throughout the year to  support the health of you and your family. 

  • Salish Sea Salt

    Made in small batches from sea water gathered from our favorite beaches around the Peninsula, each sea salt you recieve connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea. 

    This is a truly special product that is only available through the Flora Farm CSA share. 

    (The wave graphics for the salt branding was a special collaboration with local artist & mother Amy Duffy. You can find more of her inspired work HERE.)

  • Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

    Soothing and sumptuous loose leaf herbal tea blends to sip on any time of the day. These are exceptionally high quality tea blends that showcase the medicine and flavors of each season in every cup. 

    These special tea blends are only available through the Flora Farm CSA.

  • Hydrosol & Essential Oil

    Explore the therapeutic benefits of hydrosol & essential oil blends through a different distillation each season. We source the waters of our distillations from rivers around the Peninsula for distillates that sing with the Land. 

    Here at Flora Farm, we distill each plant in small batches with care in our beloved copper alembic still. Hydrostillations purify and condense both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents of a plant into an easy to use and highly therapeutic form.

  • Local Pickup or Shipping Options

    This CSA is available for local pickup and for shipping! Each box costs 14$ for shipping and handling. Upon checkout, the shipping cost calculated will cover the entire shipping cost of your share for the season. If you are local pickup, simply choose the local pickup option.

  • Make a Difference

    Farming and herbalism by virtue, incite change, growth and opportunities for healing in communities. The work we do at Flora Farm honors the Land and lineages that we come from while providing something meaningful to our communities as a result of our efforts. By becoming a member of the Flora Farm CSA, you are supporting BIPOC, female entrepreneurship, encouraging sustainable medicinal plant cultivation & foraging efforts as well as strengthening the presence and access to herbalism on the Olympic Peninsula.

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