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Western red cedar is known as the "tree of life" to the Coast Salish People, offering valuable materials and medicine that is deeply interwoven in traditions that span almost every aspect of life. Strongly anti-microbial and uplifting to the senses, our essential oil and hydrosol combination is a potent way to connect with the medicine and spirit of the tree of life. 


Western red cedar is strongly anti-microbial, effectively supporting the respiratory system through cold & flu season & is helpful for first aid. Western red cedar is toning to the skin & strengthening to the spirit.


We experiment with utilizing fresh water sources from around the Olympic Peninsula in our distillations that adds depth to our hydrosols that connect us to seasons & place.


    Western red cedar (Thuja plicata) essential oil & hydrosol in amber glass spray bottle. 


    Breath in deeply to support the respiratory system, uplift the spirits and tone the skin. Use as a cleaning adjent in homemade household cleaners or spritz in your home and laundry to energize and clear your space. 


    Here at Flora Farm, we distill each plant in small batches with care in our beloved copper alembic still. Hydrostillations purify and condense both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents of a plant into an easy to use and highly therapeutic form. 

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