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Tulsi is deeply clarifying to the mind & rejuvenating to our body. Known as the "incomparable one" in Sanskrit, Tulsi is revered as a gatekeeper to higher consciousness.


Tulsi protects & supports cognitive function & aids in calming a scattered mind. Through clarity & focus, we simplify & find what it is that is worth putting our energy into.


We experiment with utilizing fresh water sources from around the Olympic Peninsula in our distillations that adds depth to our hydrosols that connect us to seasons & place.


    .5 oz Temperate Tulsi (Ocimum afticanum) hydrodistillation (essential oil & hydrosol) with  in amber glass spray bottle. 


    Mist the head, face or heart & breath in deeply to clarify the mind, fortify the respiratory system & satisfy the spirit. Tulsi is a powerful ally to use with breath work & meditation practices. The Tulsi hydrosol is a wonderful companion to travel with or spritz around your home and laundry energize & clear your space.


    Here at Flora Farm, we distill each plant in small batches with care in our beloved copper alembic still. Hydrostillations purify and condense both the water soluble and oil soluble constituents of a plant into an easy to use and highly therapeutic form that is safe to use with the entire family. 

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