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Herbal Bathing.

To bathe is to restore and revitalize the senses and the spirit. We immerse ourselves in water and our bodies respond with buoyancy, a lightness that when coupled with deep breathing entices the mind to become calm and to see the bigger picture in times when narrow and dangerous world views are so pervasive. Quiet times of reflection serve to connect us with the deeper parts of our nature that allow us to move through trouble with grace and embrace the wisdom that is fruitful in times of great change when one is open and willing to listen.

A well rooted and well rested individual becomes a powerful vehicles for change and possibility when our convictions grow from the spaces of a calm and centered being.

Unprocessed thoughts and emotions become stagnant in the mind and manifest in tension, blockage and inflammation in the body. Soaking encourages us to release, to feel the supple nature of our muscles and mind as it should be... relaxed and at ease.

As we bathe we open the pores of the largest organ of our body; the skin, a vastly permeable and underutilized vehicle for medicinal exchange. Herbal infused baths are a simple and potent way to imbibe the attributes of plants into our bodies. Herbal baths are profoundly effective to ameliorate the effects of arthritis, skin disorders, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, poor circulation, inflammation, sprains, muscle tension and countless other common ailments. Epsom salts and essential oils are a staple for most bathing households; herbal infusions can easily become a part of your self care routine.

Herbal baths are simple and need not be overcomplicated. There are a couple basic ways to employ herbs in your bathing routine that requires what you most likely have around your home. The first utilizes herbs that are wrapped in cheese cloth or an old sock that are simply tied off and hung from the water spout of your bath to infuse while the baths hot water flows through, you can also embellishing your bath with powdered herbs measured directly into the water (use common sense about this, we don't want to be plugging up our drains here). Another way to create an herbal bath (the technique I employ the most and which I have found to be the most potent) is to simmer a strong decoction of herbs in a pot on the stove about a half hour before soaking, strain the herb out and pour the entire contents of the pot directly into the bath. Immerse yourself in your herbal bath and soak in the medicine as you lighten your being and connect with your breath.

You cannot go wrong when infusing herbs into your baths (or your life, for that matter). What herbs do you have in your spice cabinet, tea cupboard or growing outdoors that are readily available to bring into your soak? Here is a list of my favorite herbs to utilize in my baths to give you some inspiration.

-Herbal Allies for Bathing-















In buoyancy and grace,


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