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2024 Csa 

community supported agriculture program

3 seasons of sea salt & herbal medicine

Flora farm csa 

The Flora Farm CSA provides small batch herbal medicine preparations and foraged goods that address common health imbalances through the year while encouraging kinship with Plants and nature.

With a total of 3 boxes, each season (summer, fall, winter), we’ll effectively integrate herbal medicine into our lives with simple practices and daily rituals. By the end of the CSA, your home will be brimming with easy to use, seasonally relevant herbal medicines that you will look forward to using all season long.

this csa is shippable!

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the flora farm difference

Here's how we work. 

100% grown & foraged

At Flora Farm, we are dedicated to growing and foraging high quality medicinal plants for 100% of our herbal medicine preparations. Our farm utilizes regenerative and biodynamic principles that harmonize with the rhythm of nature for happy and healthy plants and herbalists. 

aligned with planetary movements

We believe in working with the influences of nature and align the harvesting and crafting of our plants and medicines with planetary movements for the utmost potency in every preparation. Some say it's crazy, others, magic. We just say it's the only way to make medicines that work. 

Small batch & artisanal

Our herbal medicines are crafted in small batches using traditional and experimental medicine making techniques that explore how seasonality and Place can be infused into herbal medicine in effective ways. Each step of the way we grow, source and revere our ingredients for inspired and unique results.   

bipoc & women led

Farming and herbalism by virtue, incite change, growth and opportunities for healing in communities. The work we do at Flora Farm honors the Land and lineages that we come from while providing something meaningful to our communities as a result of our efforts.

Medicine of the people. Medicine of the land

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csa share

The summer CSA share includes simple and effective preparations that focus on hydration, comprehensive sun and skin care protection and calming the nervous system through the dog days of summer. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and makes for a special and mineralizing ingredient that compliments the simple, light dishes of summer time.


share includes

  • 4 oz Salish Sea Salt

  • Lemon balm & wild rose petal Loose Leaf Tea Blend

  • Stinging Nettle Loose Leaf Tea

  • 2 oz Wild Rose Hydrosol

  • 2 oz Calendula & Cedar Sunscreen

  • Wild Rose after sun Lotion Bar

  • 1 oz Milky Oats Tincture

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csa share

The fall CSA share includes simple and effective preparations that focus on fortifying the respiratory system, awakening digestion and clarifying cognition as we ease our way into the darker half of the year. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and greatly enhances the warm, cooked foods we begin to crave and cook up in the fall.

Fall share.jpg

share includes

  • 4 oz Salish Sea Salt

  • Bee balm & marshmallow Loose Leaf Tea Blend

  • Elecampane root

  • 2 oz Tulsi Hydrosol

  • 4 oz of Coriander Spice Blend

  • Hand dipped, 100% beeswax Meditation Tapers

  • 1 oz Chamomile Massage Oil

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csa share

The winter CSA share includes simple and effective preparations that continue to fortify the respiratory and digestion system, enhance the responsiveness of the immune system and encourage festive and slow evenings during the long nights of winter. Locally foraged sea salt connects you with the unique places and flavors around the Salish Sea and brings an extra touch of inspiration and magic to our winter dishes.

Winter CSA Share_edited.jpg

share includes

  • 4 oz Salish Sea Salt

  • Chamomile and hops Loose Leaf Tea Blend

  • 2 oz Cedar Hydrosol

  • echinacea and calendula Immune Enhancing Broth Blend

  • 6" Hand dipped, 100% Beeswax Tapers

  • Rosehip & Mushroom elixir

  • Cold & Flu Herbal Bath Blend


Sign up for a single season or save money and support the farm for the year! This CSA is shippable.

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What is a CSA?

A CSA or Community Supported Agriculture program is utilized by many small farms as a production and marketing model where patrons buy a "share" of a farms harvest at the start of the year and in return, receive portions of the farms harvest throughout that year.

Typically, CSA dues are collected in the late winter and spring of a new year. This provides crucial economic support for farms to cover essential growing and operating costs for the upcoming season when earning potential for farms are at their lowest. 

By supporting the Flora Farm CSA program, you directly influence our farming, foraging and medicine making efforts for the entire year while encouraging BIPOC and female entrepreneurship and strengthening the access to herbalism in communities near and fall.

The truth of the matter is- keeping integrity in the process of growing and crafting quality and experimental herbal medicine comes at a cost.

If the true cost of a product is not paid for by the consumer, it is always paid for by the exploitation of it's ecosystem and/or laborers.

Pricing goods and services is tricky, especially as a small farm and herbal business. The price of these shares are the lowest we can offer while maintaining our high standards of integrity and (maybe) having shot at making a living wage with this work. 

The reverence, devotion and commitment to our craft and the journey each preparation has taken to make it into a CSA share is deeper then could ever be conveyed on a silly sales page. 

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to evolving and sustaining local economies through grass roots efforts like CSA programs. 

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THe true cost of integrity


support the flora farm csa

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