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Milky oats is a medicine for the frazzled, frayed & pretty overwhelmed. For those in acute states of stress & for those who "burned out" a while ago. 


There is no other remedy that so completely calms & nourishes the nervous system like milky oats. It keep us juicy & receptive, like the moon, as it softens prickly edges & eases restlessness so we can let go of that agitation already. 


The rich & creamy latex of the milky oat deeply soothes and nourishes the nervous system response. It does this in such a complete way that that it is catagorized as a "trophorestorative" for the nervous system, which rectifies imbalances & deficiencies within the system stemming from chronic & acute states of stress. 


    1 oz Fresh milky oat seed (Avena sative) tinctured in vodka in amber glass bottle. 1:2 40%


    In times of acute/ chronic overwhelm or stress, take 1-2 droppersful of tincture to calm & nourish the mind, body & nervous system. Alcohol based tinctures are best taken in a small glass of water.

    Nervous system repair work can take time. Be patient & give your self lots of space to heal & regenerate. 


    Milky oats refer to a particular stage in the common oats (Avena sativa) reproductive cycle. We harvest when the oat seed has been polinated & produces a rich, creamy latex- but before that latex has hardened into what we know as "oats or oatmeal". This creamy latex is the medicine which so deeply soothes and nourishes the nervous system response that it is catagorized as a "trophorestorative". 

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