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Within the amniotic fluid of the sea, almost 4 billion years ago from today, ancient single celled organisms, what we now call algae, began to evolve the capacity to photosynthesis. Over the next few billion years, the algae population flourished across the primordial sea and would eventually stabilize into three distinct, but related families of seaweeds; the Red seaweeds, or Rhodophytea genus, the Green seaweeds, or the Chlorophytea genus, and the Brown seaweeds, or the Pheaphacea genus.


Seaweeds adapted to life within the unique and dynamic ecosystem of the intertidal zone with regular exposure to periods of complete submersion in water as well as full exposure on land. In time, seaweeds would become both mother and midwife to all land based ecosystems of flora that we see today. 


Each seaweed genus holds unique and potent medicines that deeply impact our body, mind and spirit that are not seen in any land based plant today. 

In this intimate and experiential workshop with mestiza herbalist Sabrina Peraza, we will dive deep into the Seaweed State of Mind to learn how to effectively work with the medicine of seaweed through somatic exercises, meditations and practical demonstrations.*


*Each participant will get to enjoy a fresh seaweed foot soak and take home their own bottle of seaweed serum that we craft together in class from seaweed harvested just for the occasion.


The Seaweed State of Mind

  • Seaweed foot soaks (from freshly foraged seaweed) & meditation to get us in the Seaweed State of Mind
  • Garden of the Sea:
    • What are seaweeds?
    • Ecological Importance
    • Learning basic botany with a somatic exercise of Bull Kelp

Seaweed Medicine

  • Seaweed Energetics:
    • Energetics & dosages
    • Contraindications
    • Shelf life & Tonic Use
  • Unique Bio-Active Profiles of Seaweed
    • Bioactive profiles of Red, Green and Brown Seaweeds
      • How they interact with our immune and hormonal system responses, detoxify, strengthen, repair... and so much more. 
    • How to utilize this information in a tangible and supportive way
  • Minerals & Nutrition
    • Magic of Minerals
    • Superfood of the Sea

Utilizing Seaweed as Medicine

  • Thalassotherapy & Algaltherapy- The Mermaid Spa
    • Live Demonstration
  • Seaweed Serum
    • Live Demonstration
      • Participants will get to take home there own bottle of serum that we make.
  • Cooking with Seaweed
    • Live Demonstration of Flaked Seaweed Blends
    • Recipes, tips and tricks on incorporating seaweed into your kitchen.


Facilitator Bio


Sabrina Peraza is a Mestiza folk herbalist, farmer and founder of Flora Farm- a medicinal herb farm and herbal apothecary in Port Angeles, WA. Sabrina was born and raised in the PNW and has been a life long student of the bioregion and it's rich diversity of cultural traditions. Her mixed race ancestry and years spent living abroad has gifted her diverse cultural perspectives and skill sets that has led to her souls work of exploring and ecouraging right relationship to plants, nature and ancestors through herbalism, ritual and community education.  


She has been intentionally seeking, tending and gathering seaweed from our coastal waters for 6 years now. 


The Seaweed Medicine workshop will be available online this November 

This is a project that has been in the works for some time and will become the first online workshop that will be published through Flora Farm. 

We will be shooting videos this summer and editing them through the fall, all the while designing unique PDF downloads for an informative, beautiful and fun experience.

Stay tuned...


    Saturday July 6th 2024. 10:00-1:00pm

    This workshop will be hosted in person at Flora Farm, our local medicinal herb farm and herbal apothecary. Located off Lower Elwha in west Port Angeles, directions and parking information will be released upon workshop registration. 


    Take a deep dive into the Seaweed State of Mind to learn how to effectively work with the medicine of seaweed through somatic exersizes, meditations and practical demonstrations. 


    Each class will host a maximum of 10 people for effective, intimate and hands on learning experiences. The sliding scale framework comes from a desire to create multiple access points for participants based on an individuals financial circumstances (utilize the "green bottle" chart included in the photos to assist in understanding where you may land on the sliding scale).

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