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Candle light has infused itself into occasions both ordinary and ritualistic in human life for generations. From festive gatherings to restful meditations, lighting a candle is an ordinary practice that sets ambiance and intent to your evening in a simple and impactful way. 


At the autumn equinox, when the seasons are balanced just so, we ritualistically dip beeswax candles as a prayer and celebration for the dark half of the year to come. 


Join Sabrina Peraza and Stephanie Dalman in a special co- facilitated workshop where we will communally dip beeswax candles and take the time to consider, thank and meditate on the magic of bees, the richness of their wax and the wonder of a candles flame. 



Wax, Wick and Flame: 


  • The bee is sacred: Bees, wax and the magic of the season
  • Beeswax meditation to soften the mind
  • Wax, Wick and Flame: Making candles and tending the flame
    • Candle making as meditation
    • Equipment
    • Wic: Sizing and options
  • Candle Making Demonstrations: Mold, pour and tapers
    • hand pouring
    • rack
    • herbal adornment
  • Communal Candle Dipping Exerience with organic cotton wicks and 100% local bees wax from Sequim Bee Farm.


Facilitator Bio- Stephanie Dalman


"My name is Stephanie and I grew up in the PNW in a little town nestled between the mountains and the salt water. I spent most of my 20’s between the high desert in Arizona and a little mountain town in Colorado. I moved back home six years ago, met the love of my life and now we’re raising our two boys in a yurt on some land we bought.

My candle making journey started when I was pregnant with my oldest son about 4 1/2 years ago as a hobby/second income and it quickly grew to what it is today.


Living off grid with her family allows her deeply savors the meditative, romantic and stress relieving qualities of beeswax candle light.


you can find stephanies work at local markets as well as HERE. Connect with her on social HERE


Facilitator Bio- Sabrina Peraza


Sabrina Peraza is a Mestiza folk herbalist, farmer and founder of Flora Farm- a medicinal herb farm and herbal apothecary in Port Angeles, WA. Sabrina was born and raised in the PNW and has been a life long student of the bioregion and it's rich diversity of cultural traditions. Her mixed race ancestry and years spent living abroad has gifted her diverse cultural perspectives and skill sets that has led to her souls work of exploring and ecouraging right relationship to plants, nature and ancestors through herbalism, ritual and community education.  


Sabrina grew up enchanted by candles and was shown how to focus intent and prayer through candle light from her abuelita at a yound age. She started hand dipping beeswax candles for meditation, ritual and home use 4 years ago as a prayer to bees, candles and benevolent ancestors everywhere.


    Sunday September 22 2024. 10:00-1:00pm

    This workshop will be hosted in person at Flora Farm, our local medicinal herb farm and herbal apothecary. Located off Lower Elwha in west Port Angeles, directions and parking information will be released upon workshop registration. 


    Join us for a special workshop where we will communally dip beeswax candles and take the time to consider, thank and meditatite on the magic of bees, the richness of their wax and the wonder of a candles flame. The  local beeswax we'll be utilizing for our communal candle dipping is sourced from Sequim Bee Farm. 


    Each class will host a maximum of 10 people for effective, intimate and hands on learning experiences. The sliding scale framework comes from a desire to create multiple access points for participants based on an individuals financial circumstances (utilize the "green bottle" chart included in the photos to assist in understanding where you may land on the sliding scale).

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